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VAT is included in all prices on this website. You can choose from five paymentmethods: 

You pay through Ideal with electronic banking. Only available in the Netherlands. 

You pay through DocData Payments with Visa or Mastercard.

You pay with your PayPal account.

Pay at pickup in one of our stores
You can collect your order in one of our stores and pay with debitcard, creditcard or cash.

Bank transfer
You transfer the amount to SubLub in Rotterdam, NL90 INGB 0005 5407 86. Please include the order number in the description. As soon as payment is confirmed we will ship the order. Please note that this can take a few days. 

For payments from outside the Netherlands you can choose to pay by creditcard or bank transfer. For the latter you will need the following details:
IBAN   NL90INGB0005540786 

Pay afterwards with AfterPay 
Only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. Afterpay executes the entire payment process for www.sublub.nl. This means you can view and pay your payment summary for AfterPay in your personal MijnAfterPay account on a computer or tablet. When in the Netherlands you can download the AfterPay App for your smartphone to easily and safely keep track of your payments on your phone. AfterPaye will also notify you by e-mail when a new payment summary is available for you to review. You can use this service up to an amount of € 2500. For approval of your request to pay afterwards, AfterPay performs a data check. Afterpay has a strict privacy policy as described in its privacy statement. In the unlikely event your request is not authorized, you can still choose to pay with a different payment method. If you have any questions you can contact AfterPay. For more information, please see the website for AfterPay. Additional costs for paying through AfterPay are € 1.98.

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