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Do you need some help with choosing the right equipment? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help!

Stock status

Products we have in stock can be delivered to you by the next working day when ordered before 17:00. We ship our packages at least every Tuesday until Friday and often also on Mondays. PostNL will deliver the packages the next day (NL and BE deliveries only). If not in stock, products show the expected delivery time. This delivery time is usually accurate but cannot be guaranteed. We will always notify you if shipment of an order will take longer than expected. You can then choose to cancel the order without additional fee, if necessary. If you'd like to know the exact delivery time of a certain item in advance, for instance in case of a diving holiday, you are always welcome to contact us for details.

Create your account

It is not required to create an account to be able to place an order. Of course it is easier to have an account if you place orders with us more than once. This way you have access to all your invoices, even if you have purchased your items in one of our stores. In your account you can also sign up to our newsletter with special offers.

Reset your password

Have you forgotten your password? Click on the link in the login screen to reset it. Our website has been moved to a new platform in 2017. All customer accounts from the old website have been moved to the new site, but due to privacy settings we have not been able to move the passwords as well. Consequently, as an exsisting customer you will have to reset your password the first time you log on to our new website.

Placing your order

1) Add the desired items to your shopping cart and click "Proceed to checkout";
2) Check your shopping cart and click "Proceed to checkout";
3) If you do not yet have an account, click "Proceed to checkout" where you can create an account if desired. If you do have an account, log in and proceed;
4) Fill out your name and address particulars if needed. When using an address in the Netherlands, it will be checked based on postal code and house number;
5) You can add an alternative shipping address if desired;
6) Choose a delivery method;
7) Choose your payment method;
8) Create an account with password if you like;
9) Check the details of your order;
10) Add a comment if you wish;
11) Finalise the order by clicking "Place an order". Now you're done!
12) We will start packing....

Changing or cancelling your order

If you'd like to change an order, please contact us as soon as possible. This way we can still make changes before shipping out your package.

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8 Goed advies.
H.elshof, Eijsden 28-11-2020
9 Prima
Angelique, Den dungen 27-11-2020
1 4 maal contact via mail en telefoon over bestelling. Duidelijke afspraak om gereserveerde goederen in 1 keer op te halen. Bij aankomst in winkel blijkt de winkelier toch...
Laurens, Houten 26-11-2020
8 Ik had vinnen besteld. Die werden snel geleverd en ik heb er al mee gedoken. Ik kan melden ze doen het prima!
Hugo, Annen 26-11-2020
10 Geen opmerkingen
Ronny, Knokke 25-11-2020
8 Ik ben netjes geholpen, werd na een te vroeg belletje, netjes teruggebeld.
Marieke, Maassluis 25-11-2020
9 Super snel en fijn geholpen.
Sandra, Hoogvliet 25-11-2020
10 Goed geholpen
Ronald, Deurne 25-11-2020
10 Bestelling lag uiterlijk al klaar. Verder goed advies ontvangen.
Joelle, Willemstad 25-11-2020
10 Goed en snel geholpen.
Ronald, Heerlen 25-11-2020
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