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Export without VAT
When we ship to a country outside the EU we will not charge any VAT. Create an account with a shipping address outside the EU and you will be able to view the products in our shop at prices without VAT and order them at these prices. Please keep in mind that you might be required to pay import duties and local VAT in your country. 

Export and VAT return
When you buy products in one of our shops or through our webshop, but you're exporting these within 3 months in your personnal luggage to a country outside the EU, we can reimburse the VAT to you. To be able to provide this service we will need a copy of your identification that shows that you are a resident outside the EU. When you leave the EU you will need customs to stamp the invoice (or a copy thereof) to demonstrate these goods have actually left the EU. After we receive this stamped invoice from you we can reimburse the VAT. For this service we charge a 20,- euros administration fee. 

VAT exempt intracommunity supplies
Do you want to order products through a company based in an EU country other than the Netherlands? In that case we can ship these products to you without VAT. Contact us and supply us with your VAT number and address details. We will adjust your account to make the VAT exempt intracommunity supply possible. We can only provide this service if the VAT number is valid and if the delivery address is the same as the address linked to the VAT number.

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