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Greenforce Pack Of 10 Nimh Cells For Flex Ii

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Product description Greenforce Pack Of 10 Nimh Cells For Flex Ii

The batteries used in the Green Force rechargeable battery packs are the New Generation NiMH batteries. These batteries do not suffer from any memory effect and are only subject to a very limited level of self discharge. Even 360 days after these batteries have been charged, 85% of the initial capacity will be retained. This avoids having to perform maintenance charging on a regular basis and always keeps the batteries ready to be used.
Due to the low level of self discharge, it is not recommended to extensively charge these batteries during maintenance charging as this may lead to overcharging the batteries. We therefore recommend the use of the Green Force travel chargers. These chargers will stop the charging process as soon as they detect that the batteries are fully charged. At this point the charger will switch to the trickle charge mode, which can be maintained for several hours without damaging the batteries. Keep in mind that trickle charging over extended periods of time should be avoided.

Due to the lack of memory effect, these batteries can be charged at all times without the need of being fully discharged prior to the charging process. We therefore recommend to charge your battery pack after every use, to avoid deep discharge. Especially when using halogen light heads, the battery pack should be charged after every use. Halogen light heads drain a considerably higher amount of power from the batteries and do not have an under tension protection. Deep discharge of the batteries will result in irreparable damage to the batteries, which is not covered by warranty as it is a result of negligent use.

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