Aqualung Leg3nd Partner Din 300 Bar Octopus + 1e Trap bij sublub
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Aqualung Leg3nd Partner Din 300 Bar Octopus + 1e Trap

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Product description Aqualung Leg3nd Partner Din 300 Bar Octopus + 1e Trap

LEG3ND partner din regulator

• Soft touch control of venturi switch
• ACD keeps contaminants out of first stage
• 1st stage heat exchange surface 70% larger to reduce ice formation

When performance is your highest priority, LEG3ND regulator is the answer. The LEG3ND shares the same breathing characteristics with the LEG3ND ELITE and LEG3ND MBS. The familiar venturi switch now features an updated and ergonomic design. Overmolded with “soft touch” elastomer, the ergonomically designed switch perfectly controls the venturi effect, either allowing or containing a natural freeflow.

First Stage:

  • When the first stage is not connected to a cylinder valve, the Auto Closure Device (ACD) keeps the inlet shut to protect the first stage internal parts from contamination and corrosive water.
  • Preserves the internal lubrication
  • Keeps the inlet filter clean and dry
  • Safer for elevated percentages of oxygen
  • Exceptional cold-water performance is achieved by modernizing Aqua Lung's three anti-freeze properties:
  • Where there's no moisture, there's no ice: The LEG3ND's integrated dry chamber keeps inner components clean and dry by isolating them from the outside environment
  • Deep ribs create a large heat exchange surface area that helps to prevent ice forming on the mechanism (+30% vs Glacia / +70% vs Legend 2)
  • The new overmolded cap delays ice forming over the external diaphragm
  • Auto-Balanced (also known as Over-Balanced)
  • Progressive increase of the working pressure to maintain optimum breathing efforts: Depending on the diver's depth, the working pressure of the first stage is automatically elevated to counteract the increased breathing air density
  • Ergonomically shaped DIN and YOKE screws made of a bi-material “Soft Grip” surface provide a better hold when installing or removing the first stage – especially with cold hands
  • Channeled YOKE screw to prevent water retention.
  • Specialized ACD Dust cap attached to the regulator body to protect the inlet fitting and the ACD system from impacts or damage
  • Perfectly positioned HP and MP ports provide optimal hose routing

Second Stage:

  • New front cover opening channels allow water to flow sideways over the diaphragm
  • Radial openings to prevent freeflows when diving in stronger currents
  • Openings widened to reduce peak inspiratory flow by an impressive 20%
  • New overmolded exhaust cover made of elastomer with a “soft touch” effect
  • Overmolded air purge
  • Wide surface area makes regulator purging easier
  • Purge depth controller optimizes air flow with minimal effort
  • Patented Comfobite mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue and secures the second stage more comfortably.
  • Detachable and reusable mouthpiece clamp allows a quick and simple tool-free mouthpiece change without plastic waste.
  • The enlarged heat exchanger helps to prevent freezing of the second stage mechanism
  • Air channel deflector
  • Directs the air flow evenly during the inhalation phase
  • Streamlined bi-material deflector lowers the exhalation effort
  • Flexible and lightweight Aqua Flex hose with dual protectors

Specifications for Aqualung Leg3nd Partner Din 300 Bar Octopus + 1e Trap

CategoryOctopus with 1st stage
EAN Code3664372180035
Product codeSARG148007
Hose type

Flex hoses are, as the word already describes it, more flexible than rubber hoses. By using these types of hoses the chance of your 2nd stage fitting more comfortable in your mouth, is doubled. The flex hoses are also easier to roll up for transportation and a little lighter than rubber hoses.

Hose typeFlex

In Europe, it is mandatory to have a special M26 regset and cylinder when diving with Nitrox. The regsets that are shown here, do not have this special M26 thread. However, these are all technically fit to dive with Nitrox up to 40%. Outside of Europe, you can use these regs to dive with Nitrox up to 40%.

NitroxTechnically suitable upto 40%
2nd stage venturi regulator

A venturi switch is a + and – switch on the 2nd stages that regulates airflow. When the switch is switched to the -, the 2nd stage will not free flow when entering the water. When it is switched to the +, breathing is easiest.

2nd stage venturi regulatorYes
2nd stage breathing resistance

With an adjustable breathing resistance switch on the 2nd stage you will be able to adjust the flow of air when inhaling. You may experience a free flow with your 2nd stage when doing a drift dive or if there is a strong current. If you would adjust the switch to a higher resistance, then your 2nd stage will not free flow.

2nd stage breathing resistanceFixed
2nd stage air supply

A balanced 2ns stage will make inhaling easier than an unbalanced 2nd stage. If you were to use an overbalanced 1st stage then you’ll always have to use a balanced 2nd stage.

2nd stage air supplyBalanced

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10 Goede website en overzichtelijk.
John, Almere 18-1-2022
10 Erg tevreden over de levering en service. Op eventuele vragen wordt ook snel en helder gereageerd. Echt een aanrader om hier je duik spullen te bestellen!
Maarten, Utrecht 18-1-2022
6 Na lang wachten op het pakket contact opgenomen. Bleek 1 van de bestelde producten pas over een half jaar leverbaar. Jammer dat ik dit pas te horen kreeg toen ik zelf contact...
Rachel, Zeist 18-1-2022
10 Ik heb de spullen nog niet gebruikt maar kan wel zeggen dat de gekochte spullen (vinnen en tas) volledig beantwoorden aan mijn verwachtingen. Goed materiaal, zoet er goed uit,...
G.h.h., Amsterdam 18-1-2022
8 Snelle levering.
C, Roosendaal 17-1-2022
10 Zeer goede winkel, eerlijk en betrouwbaar super service
Andre, Gulpen 17-1-2022
8 Na een bestelling niet het bestelde op voorraad. Uitstekend geholpen met een alternatief. Maat iets te groot, maar gedoken en geen probleem ondervonden.
Eduard, Vlaardingen 17-1-2022
10 Stellen alles in ‘t werk om de klant tevreden te houden!
Marc, Sint-truiden 16-1-2022
3 Helaas is mijn bestelling na 3 weken nog niet binnen terwijl 1 week werd beloofd. Ik weet zeker dat het nog goed komt maar wel een erg grote afwijking van wat aangegeven...
Arnd wolvetang, Warmenhuizen (schoorldam) 16-1-2022
6 De bestelling was prima. Snelle levering. Alleen geen mailtjes meer midden in de nacht sturen graag. Om half drie probeer ik te slapen!
Monica, Voorburg 16-1-2022
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