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Light is expressed in Lumen. The higher the Lumen, the brighter the light
Run time
Run time
The run time is the amount of minutes at maximum strength. After the run time, the torch will shine for another couple of hours, however at a lower light capacity. The run time was measured at room temperature. Diving in colder water may decrease the run time.
Torches with separate batteries cannot be recharged. Optional rechargeable torches work with batteries, however can be expanded with a charger and battery pack. Rechargeable torches are delivered with a rechargeable battery pack and charger
Charging time
Charging time
The charging time is based on a completely empty battery. The charging time is shorter if the battery is partially full
A tortch with a narrow beam (spot) has a smaller beam angle, between 7 upto 20 degrees. You will be needing this is darker waters such as here in NL/BE. A torch with a broader beam (flood or wide) will illuminate a larger area. This type of beam is mostly used for photography and videography to make sure the light is evenly dispersed. A torch with an adjustable beam can be adjusted during a dive
A dimmable torch usually has 2 to 3 settings to dim the light. By dimming the intensity of the light you can extend the run time
Lamps with a rotating head need to be screwed tight for them to turn on. Lamps with a mechanical switch can be switched on and off through a butten. With lamps with a magnetic switch there are no openings in the housing of the lamp, which reduces the risk of leakage
Seac R15 Duiklamp

Seac R15 Duiklamp

  • Lichtmetalen duiklamp
  • 900 lumen lichtopbrengst
  • Brandtijd op 100%: 120 minuten
  • Geleverd zonder opbergkoffer
  • Traploos dimbaar
149,00 123,14 Excl. VAT
Greenforce Pack Of 10 Nimh Cells For Hybrid 8
85,00 70,25 Excl. VAT
Greenforce Tripod Screw
15,00 -67%
5,00 4,13 Excl. VAT

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