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New Brand: Tecline

Posted on 25-4-2020 by sublub.rotterdam

Are you looking for new dive gear or to spruce up your dive kit? Then have a look at the new brand TecLine, which we now carry in our Sublub stores!

TecLine was founded by serieus and professional vicers, at the beginning of this century, and offers a great range of tanks, harnesses and complete wings. TecLine understands how important it is to have good functioning and durable dive gear. All TecLine products have been tested extensively and all conform to the set EU norms and values.

TecLine (Scubatec) consistantly receives high reviews in the Tech Diving industry. Which makes complete sense because TecLine's dive gear consist of high quality gear and dive related items, such as High quality regulator sets, wet suits, dive instruments, BCD's, donuts/wings/peanuts, masks, fins, reels and so much more! Tecline provides divers with products for those who have years of experience in the Tech Diving industry as well as newbies whom have just started their Tech diving.

For instance, take the TecLine Peanut 21 Arctic Edition. This is the ideal wing for a single tank configuration, which, due to the new design, can offer more advantages, such as the new hose- routing and access to the tank valve. This complete wing can be personalised with the TecLine Peanut 21 Mono, which comes in various colours such as Lady Pink, Travel Black, Camo or Orange.

This brand offers so many different configurations with the various wings, harnesses, single or double tank.... 

Ask for more information in either one of our stores or online, for all the possibilities!

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10 X
Peter, Heerlen 17-9-2020
7 Apparaat is zoals omschreven. Ik vind de cijfers tijdaanduiding wat klein en dun. Bestellen - Verzenden - ontvangen duurde 8 dagen
Dirk, Apeldoorn 16-9-2020
8 Hallo, ik had een Scubapro loodpocket kit besteld en ontvangen. Jammer dat er geen keuze is om grotere loodpockets bij de kit te bestellen. Deze zijn €66. De kit is 52,95....
Aly, Delfzijl 16-9-2020
8 Goede service en behulpzaam personeel. Ook de prijs is zeer concurrerend.
Hennie, Geleen 15-9-2020
10 Mijn product moest uit Italië komen en was er keurig binnen een weekje. Blij mee
Frits, Utrecht 15-9-2020
8 Zelfs de aanbetaling van de desinfectie flacon werd thuis persoonlijk afgegeven. Dit noem ik pas service.
Noel, Holtum 15-9-2020
9 alles in orde en snelle levering
Luc drofmans, Schoten 14-9-2020
9 Goed advies, prettig geholpen
E., Apeldoorn 13-9-2020
10 Super winkel om te shoppen en snelle levering
Kevin, Heerhugowaard 12-9-2020
10 Voor de tweede keer bestelde ik een Zuurstofmeter. Beide keren is de meter geleverd, zoals het wordt aangeboden. Het metertje werkt uitstekend.
Erwin hesselink, Houten 12-9-2020
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