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Deepblu Cosmiq+

Posted on 21-4-2020 by sublub.rotterdam
The Deepblu COSMIQ+ is a dive computer which is the perfect size and has a great display that is easy to read. The Deepblu Cosmiq+ comes in various colours which will suit any dive kit. The affordable Deeplu Cosmiq+ has a colour display ánd Bluetooth technology and is a must-have to add to your dive gear.

In 2016,  Deepblu started with a revolutionairy concept. The new Cosmiq+ dive computer is one of the first dive computers which was able to connect to the Deepblu app, which functions as a logbook app for smartphones as well as a social media platform.

How can I use the Deepblu Cosmiq+
Well, this is actually quite simple; After your dive, you simply connect the Cosmiq+ through Bluetooth to the Deepblu App on your smartphone through the IOS or Android system. As soon as the app and the computer connect, the dive is immeadiately logged in the app's logbook. You'll be able to add your photo's, videos and other media, and with the Deepblu App you can easily share your dive and media on any other social media platform. Your friends and family will immeadiately be able to view your dive stats and the media that you have added to your social media account.

Before your dive you can charge the Lithium Ion battery of the Cosmiq+ dive computer through the magnetic goldplated contact points of the USB-charger. The dive computer should be fully charged after a night of charging and as soon as the battery is fully charged, the charging process stops. With a fully charged battery, you'll be able to dive with it for approximately 12 hours due to the smart energy saver that is built in. You'll be able to view the energy level of the dive computer on the right-hand side of the display. One of the unique features of this computer, is that you can switch the computer off completely, saving battery life. The downside of this is that you will have to manually switch it on, since there is no stand-by mode. Another great thing about this computer is that you will never have to have the battery changed. The battery can be charged approximately 500 times before the capacity reduces. This means that if you would charge the battery 500 times, you would be able to make about 3000 of dive hours that you can log before the computer reduces in capacity.

As soon as you hit the water the coloured 5,6cm LCD-screen, with pixelfree Enhanced Black Twisted Nematic, switches on. Due to the true black background of the screen, the screen is visible and legible from all angles. This high contrast screen is legible in both tropical and the darker waters in Europe. In the top righthand corner of the screen the Scubamode clearly shows the No Deco time, which is also indicated in a graph on the computer. In the top lefthand corner you will be able to see the water temperature and the dive time. In the bottom lefthand corner you will be able to see the time and your maximum depth. The computer will also show your ascent rate in meters per minute. The computer comes with two screen protectors when you purchase it.

What comes with the computer
The Deepble Cosmiq+ computer comes in luxurious padded case with the screen protectors, an USB charging cable, two wrist straps and the manual. The NATO wrist straps can be secured with velcro and can be adjusted with the two rvs buckles so that the wrist strap fits you perfectly, even when wearing a dry suit. A bungee strap is also included in the case, should you prefer to use a bungee strap when diving in a dry suit.

Time and other settings
Since the computer is connected to the Deepblu app on your phone, you will not have to worry about adjusting the time setting on your computer. This will be done as soon as your computer connects to the app on your phone with the local time zone. Most of the settings can be adjusted in the Deepblu app. The Decompression algorithm is based on the calculations of the Bühlman ZHL-16-C model and has three different safety settings: Conservative, Normal and Progressive. You can also manually adjust settings, such as the Nitrox percentage. The Cosmiq+ only has two buttons. The left button is to change the mode of the computer, switching beween the mode functions of watch mode, dive mode, bottom timer, Freedive mode, logbook and synch. The right button is to adjust the settings of the various modes. I.e. In the free dive mode you could set an alarm for the maximum dive time and maximum depth.

Deepblu continuously works on improving and updating the software of the app and the Cosmiq+ computer. All the updates are free of charge and the updates will allow you ro add even more functions to the app and the computer. Whenever there is an update available, it will automatically be downloaded and installed, wirelessly, onto the computer through the Deepblu app.

The Deeplblu Cosmiq+ is NOW available in all of our stores or you can simply just orde the computer online for only € 349,-

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10 X
Peter, Heerlen 17-9-2020
7 Apparaat is zoals omschreven. Ik vind de cijfers tijdaanduiding wat klein en dun. Bestellen - Verzenden - ontvangen duurde 8 dagen
Dirk, Apeldoorn 16-9-2020
8 Hallo, ik had een Scubapro loodpocket kit besteld en ontvangen. Jammer dat er geen keuze is om grotere loodpockets bij de kit te bestellen. Deze zijn €66. De kit is 52,95....
Aly, Delfzijl 16-9-2020
8 Goede service en behulpzaam personeel. Ook de prijs is zeer concurrerend.
Hennie, Geleen 15-9-2020
10 Mijn product moest uit Italië komen en was er keurig binnen een weekje. Blij mee
Frits, Utrecht 15-9-2020
8 Zelfs de aanbetaling van de desinfectie flacon werd thuis persoonlijk afgegeven. Dit noem ik pas service.
Noel, Holtum 15-9-2020
9 alles in orde en snelle levering
Luc drofmans, Schoten 14-9-2020
9 Goed advies, prettig geholpen
E., Apeldoorn 13-9-2020
10 Super winkel om te shoppen en snelle levering
Kevin, Heerhugowaard 12-9-2020
10 Voor de tweede keer bestelde ik een Zuurstofmeter. Beide keren is de meter geleverd, zoals het wordt aangeboden. Het metertje werkt uitstekend.
Erwin hesselink, Houten 12-9-2020
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