Beuchat Espadon Prestige - Jacket 5 Mm - Open Cell / Nylon L bij sublub
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Beuchat Espadon Prestige - Jacket 5 Mm - Open Cell / Nylon L

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Artikelomschrijving Beuchat Espadon Prestige 5mm Freedivevest

Beuchat Espadon Prestige 5mm separate jacket and long John

Ultra-soft Elaskin X 8.8 neoprene
Magic Camo camouflage
Greater comfort (thermal protection, freedom of movement)
Braca concept (Beuchat exclusive)
Precut System (Beuchat exclusive)
Anti-squeeze System

Two-piece suit for intensive free diving and spearfishing
Top with hood (5 or 7 mm)
Long john pants with shoulder straps and Precut System (5 or 7 mm)
Ultra-soft X 8.8 Elaskin neoprene for improved comfort and greater ease of movement
Open cell neoprene interior for excellent thermal protection

High quality pre-formed anatomical cut for maximum comfort
For greater ease and comfort:
3 mm thick bust on the 5 mm long john
5 mm thick bust on the 7 mm long john
Lighter weight 4 mm hood on the 5 mm top
Lighter weight 6 mm hood on the 7 mm top
Specific anatomical cut at the back to prevent the formation of water pockets on the back or between the shoulders
Use of special materials, pre-forming and embossing at articulations for easier movement (knees and elbows)
Seamless stretch panels at articulations to reduce friction (shoulders, knees and elbows).
Pre-formed to follow the curvature of the lower back and crotch for a snugger fitting suit
Pre-formed crotch-piece ergonomically designed to avoid discomfort between the legs, with double clip closure

Hood with Anti-Squeeze System
Mitigates the suction effect at the ears and simplifies pressure equalisation during dives

Braca Concept
The Braca Concept is an exclusive Beuchat innovation that revolutionises spearfishing apparel by offering a simple, effective, hygienic and invisible solution to the problem of how to pass water without removing your suit. And of course, the Braca Concept is totally watertight!
The Braca Concept is an exclusive Beuchat patented innovation that revolutionises spearfishing apparel by offering a simple, effective, hygienic and invisible solution to the problem of how to pass water without removing your suit: the Braca concept.

Beuchat patented Precut System:
How to transform long johns into waist cut pants easily and in total safety
With the PreCut System, both distributors and retailers now only need to stock a single line of adjustable pants to offer each of their customers the garment that they are looking for.
The PreCut System is an exclusive patent-protected Beuchat innovation that enables a long john style bottom to be transformed into proper waist cut pants in complete safety. It allows the long john to be modified quickly and simply without affecting the efficiency of the garment and without requiring any other correction.
Our designers have created a groove on the garment to represent an ideally positioned waistline that is as secure and straightforward when cut as on a ready-made garment. The PreCut System also includes anti-fray protection to ensure that the fabric will not unravel after the cut as well as reinforcement patches on the pants to secure the bonding seams.
As regards in-store stocks, the Precut System enables retailers to:
- satisfy the demands of their customers (e.g. by avoiding situations where the customer wants a long john but the store only has waist cut pants left in stock) and improve the quality of their stock mix
- offer their customers the same great choice (pants with shoulder straps, waist-cut pants) while stocking fewer items, thus freeing up space for more sizes

Magic Camo high performance camouflage
Selected natural colour camouflage that only becomes visible in the water to conceal the presence of the spearfisher
A spearfishing suit is used in the water, so a camouflage suit must be designed to be effective in the water
However, many spearfishers would prefer apparel that is less conspicuous when they are out of the water
Our solution: Magic Camo
Additionally, to optimise the effect of concealment, we have selected two-tone pants to further break up the spearfisher’s silhouette.

Long protective reinforcements in Supratex 2 (combining flexibility and resistance to abrasion) at elbows and knees for more strength and flexibility
Reinforced stress pad integrated at bust level on the top to provide:
better stability when loading a long and powerful speargun to prevent the butt slipping
a larger camouflage area on the suit

Thinner face seal (-1 mm) with seamless zone around the face for improved comfort, water tightness and durability
360° single-piece face seal for improved comfort, seal and sustainability, with no seam at mouth level

Edging & finishes:
Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with external overlock.
Edges finished with smoth, attractive grooving to provide better water tightness, a more stylish finish and more resilience during dressing and undressing


Specificaties Beuchat Espadon Prestige 5mm Freedivevest

CategorieFreedive vesten
Tags Speargun vêtements
Type pakVest
Dikte5 mm

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