She-P 3.0 Plasventiel Voor Vrouwen (Blauw) bij sublub
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She-P 3.0 Plasventiel Voor Vrouwen (Blauw)

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Artikelomschrijving She-P 3.0 Plasventiel Voor Vrouwen (Blauw)

For the last 1.5 years there has been working on a new, improved model of the She-P. 
This has been the effort of ten years of experience combined with listening to the feedback from  loyal users and the result is something to be very proud of: She-P 3.0!
The new model has been enthusiastically tested by a diverse team of test divers with great results!

The current model will remain available: there will be two models of the She-P

The original She-p has been a huge step forward for ladies in diving.
The new design will improve ease of use and learning curve. The expanded coverage will be beneficial for ladies who have experienced challenges due to anatomical variation.

What’s new?
  • The front is approx. 1 cm longer
  • The whole She-P has been redesigned to be softer and more comfortable
  • The back has a scalloped shape so it can be placed further back without covering the anus
  • Both sides have an anatomical design
  • The inside is smoother for better hygiene
  • This She-P is also hand crafted in the Netherlands. Soft, flexible and with experience for more than ten years.

How to use

Before the dive

Apply the adhesive (Urobond V or Hollister spray) on the whole contact area.
Put it on (shave before use!) and hold approx. 30 seconds. Be sure that the back is secured or taped very well.
Use some tape (if you want) or fix it with your underwear (two G-strings work fine).
Connect the p-valve with the She-P connection and open the valve on the outside of your drysuit before use.
Pee before the dive (in the water or on land) to be sure it is well placed and your P-valve is working fine.
To be absolutely safe for the first dives: place a small diaper or super-absorbent sanitary towel.

After the dive

Use some tape or plug (if you don’t use a quick disconnector) to close it. Now you will not spill and wet your underwear while you change clothes.
The outside part of the She-P contactarea is fragile and can tear, be careful when you remove it.
Remove the adhesive from your skin and She-P: Use the removal pads. Baby oil for your skin is very nice. Be sure you remove the oil before applying your She-P for next dive.
Be sure everything is desinfected before the next use. Rinse very well to avoid irritation.
The P-valve in your drysuit must also be flushed with lots of clean water or vinegar.

Specificaties She-P 3.0 Plasventiel Voor Vrouwen (Blauw)

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